Significantly reduces 3D printing faults


FIlaDry is currently sold in single units and shipped worldwide. 
The FilaDry price is $149.00 per unit.
FilaDry reserves the right to decline orders originating from countries and territories which are not reachable using postal service.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What exactly is FilaDry?
A: FilaDry is a smart filament enhancer that uses a mix of heat and air flow to achieve a fast drying effect. This causes the filament  to be dry enough and just in the right state for FFF printing. It also keeps a constant temperature of the filament before it enters the hot end and by that reduces print errors which are related to changes in the ambient temperature around the printer.
Q: Can I use the FilaDry with my Prusa i3?
A: Sure! The FilaDry is a stand-alone device that needs power and filament running through it. It can be mounted anywhere between the spool and the print head.
Q: I have a bowden extrusion system, will FilaDry fit it?
A: Yes! In the case that you use a bowden 3D printer (ultimaker, Delta's and so on), you will install the FilaDry right before the extruder's motor.
Q: Which filament diameter does the FilaDry support?
A: Both 1.75 and 2.85 (3mm) diameters are supported.
Q: What's in the box?
A: Fully tested FilaDry, 12V PSU with EU/US plug, some foam and bubbly packing stuff.

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