Significantly reduces 3D printing faults



What exactly is FilaDry?

If we would be asked to define FilaDry in one short sentence it would probably be: FilaDry makes you print better.

FilaDry was born from the need to “fight humidity”. Filament 3D printing, although very popular and thriving, still suffers from few drawbacks. One of main problems we deal with in FDM is humidity. The humidity tends to interrupt the printing; it causes nozzle jams, warping of the printed elements and many other faults. 

FilaDry eliminates most of the humidity related problems, just by removing water from the outer part of the filament. The main advantage of FilaDry is that the process is done in-line with no interference of the printing.

As we already mentioned: “FilaDry makes you print better”

It is not only dries the outside of the filament, it is also prepares the filament for printing.

FilaDry allows you to print better, smother and most importantly reduces the clogged and jams of the extruder, saving you precious time and wasted materials.

As a novice user it will make the printer much more tolerant for beginners mistakes.

As an experienced user, you will get results and qualities you couldn’t get before.



Highlights of the FilaDry


Improves printing quality

Eliminates 3D printing faults caused by humidity

Higher design fidelity

In-line drying – replaces the cabinet drying process


Improves inter-layer adhesion

Allows you to print faster 

FIlaDry is currently sold in single units and shipped worldwide. 
The FilaDry price is $149.00 per unit.
FilaDry reserves the right to decline orders originating from countries and territories which are not reachable using postal service.