Significantly reduces 3D printing faults



What exactly is FilaDry?

FilaDry is a smart filament enhancer that uses a mix of heat and airflow to

achieve a fast drying effect. This causes the filament  to be dry enough and just in the right state for FFF printing.

Can I use the FilaDry with my Prusa i3?

Sure! The FilaDry is a stand-alone device that needs power and filament running through it. It can be mounted anywhere between the spool and the print head.

I have a bowden extrusion system, will FilaDry fit it?

Yes! In the case that you use a bowden 3D printer (ultimaker, Delta's and so on), you will install

the FilaDry right before the extruder's motor.

Which filament diameter does the FilaDry support?

Both 1.75 and 2.85 (3mm) diameters are supported.

What's in the box?

Fully tested FilaDry, 12V PSU with EU/US plug, some foam and bubbly packing stuff.

FIlaDry is currently sold in single units and shipped worldwide. 
The FilaDry price is $149.00 per unit.
FilaDry reserves the right to decline orders originating from countries and territories which are not reachable using postal service.