Significantly reduces 3D printing faults

Tech Specs


Control System

The control system of the FilaDry integrates with a digital processor. This processor provides a 'closed loop' system to control temperature. In order to maintain the needed temperature the chip monitors the temperature fluctuations and adjusts the heating element work.
Maintaining accurate regime of temperature rates allows the continues treatment of the 3D printing elements. 

The programmed control and the use of pre-defined air flow regime allows FilaDry to perform smoothly and efficiently.



Air Flow

FilaDry uses heated air to treat 3D printing filaments. When fresh air is introduced in the FilaDry, it gets heated to specific temperature. But heating it up is not enough to for the filament printing preparation. A unique and specific sets of nozzles and ORIFICES allows a controlled rate of airflow to provide the best conditions for the filament drying and preparation before it introduces to the extruder. 


FIlaDry is currently sold in single units and shipped worldwide. 
The FilaDry price is $149.00 per unit.
THC reserves the right to decline orders originating from countries and territories which are not reachable using postal service.