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User Manual



Thank you for choosing FilaDry FD-60-V2 dehumidifying unit. Each FilaDry unit is manually tested in our factory, using custom test stations.
Although all FD-60-V2 units are almost identical in their properties, the performances of the units can vary due to several elements such as Relative Humidity (RH) at the printing area, the quality of the printing filament, the condition of your filament etc. 
This guide aims to minimize user’s errors and common mistakes. Please read carefully and follow the manual adequately before using the FilaDry FD-60-V2 with your 3D printer.

Terms of use

FilaDry FD-60-V2, should be used only with commercial and verified 3D filaments. It should not be used for other purposes than declared (treating 3D printing filaments). 
FilaDry should be operated with the power supply unit (PSU) that it was supplied with, using other PSU might damage the unit or cause severe malfunctions. Using other PSU can void the warranty. 
FD-60-V2 is NOT water\splash proof and should be treated as such.

Getting Started

Please follow the first two steps when the unit is unmounted.
1. Connect the FD-60-V2 unit to the supplied power supply unit (PSU) while keeping the unit switch off.
2. Turn the unit on using the on\off switch and let the unit run for 10 minutes.
At first the fans will be working at variant speeds; this is perfectly normal. During the unit heating, a thin smoke may appear. This smoke originates from the final sealing material used in the unit. This phenomenon, along with mild scent, might occur at the first few runs. The smoke and the scent are not toxic and will be gradually faded.  
3. Once the unit had its first 10 minutes run, turn the unit off and connect it to your 3D printer. You can place the FD-60 anywhere (according to your setup). The unit should be as close to the print-head as possible. If you are using a Bowden setup, locate the unit as close to the extruder motor as possible.
Important note- Please make sure that both fans of the FD-60-V2 unit are not covered and the airway is clear. Proper ventilation is vital to the unit's operation.
4. Insert your filament into the unit thorough the bottom side of the unit. Here is how you should thread the filament:

Working with FD-60-V2 unit

Following the setup, a test print should be taken. Start your favorite test print (Marvin is our favorite) and watch for the changes. Since there are so many setups and printers out there, we cannot tell you what the exact results on your prints will be, but we can promise that humidity related issues would be history. Nevertheless, we can suggest the following tips when working with FilaDry: 
1.    Reduce the print temperature by 5 degrees (centigrade).
2.    Slightly increase the print speed.
3.    With smaller prints, reduce the print temperature even more!


Problem: A thin smoke appears every time I start using the FilaDry unit.

Solution: If the smoke appears for a few seconds at the start-up of the unit, that’s perfectly fine. Nevertheless, if the smoke does not stop after few times, please contact us.


Problem: I can’t tell if the unit works.

Solution: The unit is built to last! If you feel that the unit fails, check the airflow coming out of the filament’s exit hole. It should feel warm. If it is not, email us and we will work it out.



Problem: The filament gets stuck in the FilaDry unit.

Solution: The FD-60-V2 uses a heating process as part of the fast-drying solution. If your filament has poor quality or it is very old, it might have a lower Tg which will make it softer when it runs through the FD-60 unit. To avoid this, make sure that you turn off the FilaDry when the print ends. Do not leave the filament for long periods with no movement while the unit is on.


Warranty and cancellation policies

FD-60-V2 unit has a 12-month warranty against manufacturing defects. Any device which is subject to a warranty claim should be returned to FilaDry for inspection. Following inspection, FilaDry will repair or replace the defective product. Warranty does not cover accidental or deliberate damage, acts of god, damage caused by incorrect use or not following manufacturer’s instructions.

Carriage costs for the return of the goods to FilaDry will be the responsibility of the customer. FilaDry will return repaired items covered by warranty at our cost.

If an item is being returned for warranty repair/replacement, then you MUST complete our product returns form and mail us at stating the reason for return. A copy of the returns form can be downloaded at our website or by mailing us at

Warranty does not cover the incorrect purchase of our products. If goods are returned due to incorrect specification, then FilaDry reserve the right to refuse the return of the goods or charge a return to stock fee.

Order Cancellation

If you wish to change or cancel an order, please contact FilaDry at Please add the following details:

  1. Order number

  2. Date of order

Orders are normally processed immediately so we may have already packed your order and sent it to you. If this is this case, once you have received the order you will have to return it to us within 14 days of delivery (see below for further details on our returns policy.)

Returns Policy

Any item returned must remain in its original unused condition and FilaDry reserves the right to charge a return to stock fee. Any goods returned to us not in its original condition or missing parts will not be eligible for a refund. It is also the customer’s responsibility to ensure goods being returned arrive back to us in a saleable condition.  We will charge for any damage sustained in transit or whilst in your possession.

If an item is being returned for a refund, then you MUST complete our product returns form and mail it to us to stating the reason for return. A copy of the returns form can be downloaded at our website

FIlaDry is currently sold in single units and shipped worldwide. 
The FilaDry price is $149.00 per unit.
FilaDry reserves the right to decline orders originating from countries and territories which are not reachable using postal service.